When to Replace Your Fuel Injector

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The fuel injector is a tiny component inside your engine, but it’s one that leaves drivers near Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, and Rancho Santa Margarita with tons of big questions.

Luckily, Norm Reeves Volkswagen in Irvine is here to demystify the role of your fuel injector. In the post below, we discuss how fuel injection works, signs that your fuel injector needs maintenance, and the average cost of getting one replaced.  Schedule a service appointment today.

What Does My Fuel Injection System Do for My Car?

  • Fuel injection improves an engine’s efficiency, limits the emissions it produces, and ultimately improves a vehicle’s performance.
  • A major advancement in automotive engineering, fuel injection provides the exact amount of gasoline needed for internal combustion and plays a key role in a motor’s gasoline delivery system.

How Does a Fuel Injector Work?

Fuel injection delivers the precise amount of fuel to your motor, allowing gasoline and oxygen to mix, internally combust, and create power.

  • Here’s how it works: A fuel injector uses electronic controls to communicate with an engine’s computer. The computer signals how much fuel the engine needs, and a gas pump sends pressurized fuel into the fuel injector.
  • From there, the computer tells the fuel injector to open a valve, which allows the gas to flow through a nozzle. Next, the fuel injector sprays a gasoline mist into the engine’s intake manifold, which sends gas into the engine to combust.
  • Mist burns more efficiently than drops or streams of gasoline and keeps your fuel economy at an optimal level. Since the amount of air inside the motor fluctuates, a fuel injector constantly changes its output to meet the needs for combustion. This prevents your car from wasting fuel, which means you make fewer trips to the gas pump.

When Should I Replace My Fuel Injection System?

If your fuel injector is faulty, you may notice inconsistent power, misfiring, or a loss of fuel economy. Your check engine light might appear as well. Only a certified mechanic can diagnose the exact cause for your loss of performance, but here are some common symptoms your fuel injector is the culprit:

  • Your engine misfires. If there isn’t enough fuel during ignition, your engine might misfire. Your fuel injector might be dirty, clogged, or not opening properly.
  • You smell fuel. If a fuel injector leaks or doesn’t close properly, you might notice a strong smell of gasoline while driving.
  • There’s a loss of gas mileage. Faulty fuel injectors deliver gasoline droplets instead of the mist, which ultimately eats your fuel economy. Either your fuel injector doesn’t close or is leaking excess gasoline. Have a mechanic check it out.

How Much Does Replacing a Fuel Injector Cost?

The price of a new fuel injector depends on your vehicle, its model year, the mechanic, and the cost of labor. But according to Repair Pal, the average cost of a fuel injector replacement ranges between $231 and $342.

If you need a fuel injector, get a quote from a dealership you trust. Fuel injectors play a key role in your engine’s performance, so it’s important to get it replaced as soon as you can.

Where Can I Get a New Fuel Injector?

If you’re experiencing engine problems of any sort, drivers near Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Newport Beach can always turn to Norm Reeves Volkswagen in Irvine. Our certified technicians can take a look at your fuel injector, replace it if needed, and get your vehicle back on the road as soon as we can.

You can make a maintenance appointment at Norm Reeves Volkswagen in Irvine online or by calling our service center at (949) 382-7050.

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