Volkswagen Passat Dashboard Light Guide

It’s normal for the Volkswagen Passat dashboard lights to do an initial test when you first start the engine, but if one or more stays lit, then you could have a problem. In the Passat dashboard light guide, we’ll explain some of the warning and indicator lights you might see so you can determine whether your Passat needs service.

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Volkswagen Passat Indicator Lights

The indicator lights on the dashboard of your Passat are typically yellow. The purpose of these lights it to let the driver know that there might be a problem with one of the vehicle’s systems and to have it inspected as soon as possible. Here are a few examples of indicator lights:

Anti-lock braking system malfunction: The anti-lock brakes prevent the wheels from locking up during extreme braking to improve control and decrease stopping distance. This light is depicted by the letters ABS and should be accompanied by the brake warning light.

Airbag indicator light: Seen on the dashboard as a passenger wearing a seatbelt with a circle (the airbag) in front of them, this yellow light warns that the airbag or seatbelt tensioning system may not be working properly. It could also mean that the passenger airbags have been deactivated.

Automatic transmission malfunction: An exclamation mark inside a gear means that something is wrong with the automatic transmission and a Volkswagen technician should inspect it immediately.

Volkswagen Passat Warning Lights

Usually red, these Passat dashboard lights indicate more serious problems. Should you notice a warning light, pull over safely, stop the engine, and call an authorized Volkswagen service center for assistance. Here are a few examples of warning lights:

Alternator low voltage output: Shown as a car battery with positive and negative symbols, this warning light means there’s a charging system failure. It could be a problem with the battery or the alternator, so it’s important to get service right away.

Coolant level low/coolant temperature high: This light looks like a thermometer floating in water, but it actually has to do with the coolant. If this light appears, stop the vehicle and turn off the engine to avoid overheating.

Electric parking brake warning light: If you see a P inside a circle with a line through it with two enclosing parentheses, then there’s an error with the parking brake. Check out your owner’s manual or contact a Volkswagen technician.

Don’t See Your Volkswagen Passat Dashboard Light Here?

There are several other indicators and warning lights that you might see illuminated on the dash of your Passat. If you’re not sure what they mean, the best thing to do is call the service department at Norm Reeves Volkswagen in Irvine. Serving the communities of Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Newport Beach, and beyond, we’ll be happy to help you schedule a service appointment and make sure your car is working properly.