Volkswagen Jetta Dashboard Light Guide

You may not see it, but the dashboard of your Volkswagen Jetta is a goldmine for useful information and insight into your vehicle’s inner workings. This may be because you’ve never seen the warning lights shine or you don’t know what they mean. Unfortunately, without the proper knowledge, these shiny tools are useless and can even lead to serious automotive damage under the hood.

Luckily, Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore in Irvine is here to help with a breakdown of the most common symbols of the Volkswagen Jetta dashboard light guide below.

Brake Pad Indicator

One of the most common problems drivers overlook is worn-out brake pads. Driving on brake pads that have excessive wear is dangerous and can lead to brake failure. Fortunately, you won’t miss a beat thanks to the brake pad indicator warning light in the Jetta. This light that looks like a circle with three curved lines on the sides that will flash when the brake pads wear too low.

AdBlue Warning Lights

For Jetta models powered by diesel engines, a common warning light you’ll see is the AdBlue warning lights. It looks like a bottle tilted down with fluid running out, and it can light in three different situations.

If you see an orange symbol, then it means that you need to refill the diesel exhaust fluid additive for optimum performance. If it’s red, then there’s no AdBlue fluid left, and it needs to be replenished immediately. If it comes on with a wrench, then there’s a problem with the system and your Jetta needs to be repaired right away.

Oil Level Indicator

Engine oil should be refilled after every couple thousand miles (check your owner’s manual for exact timeframe). If it’s not scheduled routinely, you’ll see an orange light that resembles an oil can with waves underneath. This acts as your signal to call Norm Reeves Volkswagen in Irvine for an oil change . Forgoing this essential service appointment can lead to catastrophic engine damage and costly repair bills.

Coolant Temperature Indicator

Coolant works to avoid overheating within your Jetta. Without it, your engine can fail and even catch fire. So if you see a red thermometer in what looks like fluid shining on your dashboard, call the service center at Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore in Irvine today because your engine is overheating.

DSG Transmission Warnings

In the event of an overheating vehicle, your Jetta can also activate the DSG transmission warning light. This symbols looks like thermometer inside a gear. If lit, it indicates an overheating transmission and you need to pull over and call for a repair immediately.

Without proper knowledge of the dashboard light guide of the Volkswagen Jetta, you won’t be able to tell when your vehicle is suffering. As a result, you won’t be able to provide the care it needs to maintain its peak performance. Don’t let this happen to you. Take the time understand the common dashboard warning signs in your Volkswagen Jetta and make sure that you schedule your services as soon as you see one lit to avoid damage.

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