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Finding the right compact car is a delicate balancing act. Such a car requires compact dimensions without sacrificing passenger room or cargo space, a powerful engine without sacrificing fuel efficiency, and a cool exterior without sacrificing useful interior features.

Both the Volkswagen Golf and the Honda Fit meet these seemingly polarizing demands. However, drivers in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Newport Beach might be wondering which one is right for them.

Our team at Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore of Irvine wrote this vehicle comparison so you can get a sense of which one is better suited to your lifestyle: the 2018 Volkswagen Golf vs. Honda Fit.

Volkswagen Golf Dimensions vs Honda Fit Dimensions: Passengers and Cargo

The Volkswagen Golf and the Honda Fit can squeeze into practically any tight parking space that you can find. Though, that still begs the question: “How do their cabins measure against each other?”

In the 2018 Volkswagen Golf, your backseat passengers will feel very comfortable. With 38.1 inches of rear headroom, 35.6 inches of rear legroom, and 53.9 inches of rear shoulder room, they can stretch out and relax for the duration of the ride.

In the 2018 Honda Fit, your backseat passengers will only get 37.5 inches of rear headroom and 52.6 inches of rear shoulder room. You’d better not sign up to drive for Lyft or Uber in this vehicle, because the limited cabin space may affect your rating!

Both compact cars offer ample space for cargo. With all the seats folded down, they each boast capacities of 52.7 cubic feet. Leave the seats in place so you can take your friends/family with you, and it’s a different story. In this case, the Volkswagen Golf has 22.8 cubic feet of storage space, while the Honda Fit merely has 16.6 cubic feet.

Engine: Horsepower vs Torque

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf and the 2018 Honda Fit sport impressive fuel efficiency ratings. That’s even more reason to wonder: “How do they compare in terms of engine performance?”

The standard engine for the Volkswagen Golf is a 1.8L turbo that delivers 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. The standard engine for the Honda Fit is a 1.5L 4-cylinder that spits out 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque.

Volkswagen Golf Interior vs Honda Fit Interior

You’re also probably asking yourself: “What do the Volkswagen Golf and the Honda Fit look like?”

The iconic exterior design of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf is matched only by its stylish and convenient cabin. With a sporty rear spoiler, a freeing available panoramic sunroof, and the unmistakable Volkswagen logo, this car will get many double takes and second looks, even from you!

The 2018 Honda Fit is more your typical hatchback, although it does mimic the Volkswagen Golf with a similar rear spoiler.

Test Drive the 2018 Volkswagen Golf Today

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