Volkswagen CC Dashboard Light Guide

The dashboard of your Volkswagen is equipped with a collection of warning and indicator lights designed to help you care for and maintain your vehicle. In this Volkswagen CC dashboard light guide, we’ll help you to better understand what some of those symbols mean so you can determine whether your Volkswagen needs service.

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A Quick Note About Dashboard Lights

Warning and indicator lights are divided into four colors: blue, green, red, and amber. While blue and green lights are primarily used for displaying general vehicle information, red and amber lights could indicate a problem or malfunction that requires immediate attention.

Volkswagen CC Dashboard Lights

  • AdBlue ® no restart warning (red): A liquid-filled container pouring out fluid represents this dashboard light. It indicates that a lack of AdBlue ® or an AdBlue ® system malfunction is preventing engine restart. You should contact a certified Volkswagen technician as soon as possible.

  • DSG ® transmission too hot (red): A small thermometer inside a gear indicates that the transmission is generating too much heat. You should pull over in a safe location immediately, place the vehicle in park, and allow the transmission to cool.

  • Brake pad wear indicator (amber): This indicator light looks like a solid circle enclosed by two dashed parentheses. It’s notifying you that the brake pads may be significantly worn down and need to be inspected by a trained technician as soon as possible.

  • Electronic Power Control/exhaust gas (amber): Depicted by the letters EPC, this dashboard light signals an engine malfunction. Take your Volkswagen for servicing immediately to avoid further damage.

  • Shift lock (green): If you see a light that looks like a shoe inside a circle between two curved lines, then you must apply the brake before attempting to shift the vehicle into gear. No service is needed.

  • Daytime running lights (green): The letters DRL on your dashboard indicate that the daytime running lights are on. This is a standard safety feature used to make your vehicle more visible to other motorists and pedestrians. No service is needed unless your daytime running lights are not working properly.

Does My Volkswagen Need Service?

If you didn’t find the Volkswagen CC dashboard light you were looking for or if you believe that your vehicle may need service, it’s important to contact a certified Volkswagen service center right away to avoid dangerous driving conditions and prevent causing further damage.

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