Volkswagen vs Toyota


Volkswagen and Toyota are two of the most popular and reputable automakers on the market today. With both producing the automotive world’s top vehicles and having a reputation for reliability and performance, it’s easy to see why. So as a car buying, which brand should you choose? To help you with the internal battle of which brand is better, here’s our comparison of Volkswagen vs Toyota below.

Volkswagen vs Toyota: Reputation

volkswagen vs toyotaFor years Volkswagen has developed a reputation of being the people’s car. They constantly mold their brand to fit the ever changing trends in the automotive industry. Most importantly, they work to make the population happy. Volkswagen meets drivers’ demands and consistently delivers the newest performance, safety, and entertainment innovations drivers want to see.

But while Volkswagen is continuously molding to the trends and demands of the market, Toyota has a reputation of staying true to the basics. Throughout the years, they’ve maintained their focus on providing quality practical vehicles. However, this means they preserve the same design and performance that get a bit lackluster. Sure, Toyota has taken the steps and added some new technologies in its vehicles, but they don’t break down barriers nor do they present an original form of innovation.

Vehicle Variety

Reputation aside, both the Volkswagen and Toyota offer a diverse lineup that gives drivers a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. For Volkswagen, you’ll find a variety of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and iconic compact cars like the VW Beetle. Each vehicle in the lineup is complete with the distinctive performance many have come to love. Plus, the innovative direction Volkswagen goes in, they’re constantly adding new vehicles and efficient performance technologies.

In comparison, Toyota needs to catch up with the times. For years, their lineup has focused on their famous sedans. They rarely create new models, and if they do, their performance remains the same. While that may have been groundbreaking in the past, today, an unchanging performance leaves drivers bored and looking for more.

Technologies and Safety

The vehicles in the in the lineup of both Toyota and Volkswagen all designed to give drivers a sense of convenience, entertainment, safety. In Toyota models this is clear within their infotainment system. They also feature multiple safety amenities, but they’re the same features seen in almost all the other cars on the market.

Since Volkswagen is famous for their innovations in the automotive world, drivers will find a wide array of technologies you won’t find in other vehicles. They’re home to the VW Car-Net connected car suite for entertainment and control of your vehicle even you’re not behind the wheel. Plus, a number of drive assist technologies and the exclusive and advanced Intelligent Crash Response System for safety are available for VW models, as well.

When it comes to comparing brands like Volkswagen vs Toyota, drivers often face a seemingly never ending debate in their minds. But after taking a look at their reputation, vehicle selections, and amenities, you’ll be able to clearly see which brand can deliver that vehicle that houses all the tools to fulfill your automotive needs.

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