Volkswagen vs. Chevy Brand Comparison                 


The easiest way to shop for a new vehicle is to compare similar makes and models until you find the perfect ride. But how do you know where to start?

In this Volkswagen vs. Chevy brand comparison, drivers from Mission Viejo to Rancho Santa Margarita and Newport Beach will learn about what makes Volkswagen unique. By taking history, design concepts, and new features into consideration, you’ll clearly be able to see what sets Chevy and Volkswagen apart.

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VW vs. Chevy History

Volkswagen entered the automotive market in 1939, although rumors about the people’s car were circulating around Germany as early as 1904. With the goal of providing affordable transportation for the masses, Volkswagen began to make a name for themselves as a leading force in German engineering with the introduction of the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle.

Chevrolet hit the road in 1913 with its Chevrolet Series C Classic Six. The vehicle, which only lasted for two production years, was sold for about $2,325, which would be close to $56,000 today. The price made a Chevy unobtainable for most drivers of the day, and only a few years after Chevy began, co-founder Louis Chevrolet sold his share of the automaker to business partner, William C. Durant.

Comparing Style

The current collection of Volkswagen models features character-driven design influences with unique and refined exterior styling. For drivers who need a reliable sedan, Volkswagen offers the Jetta and the Passat. The CC serves as a sporty coupe, while the Touareg and Tiguan provide SUV alternatives. If personality is something you’re looking for, then the Beetle and Golf both have iconic designs that will help you stand out in a crowd.

Chevy has a variety of vehicles in their 2015 lineup, although some of them probably won’t appeal to the average commuter. Like the Low Cab Forward, which is a commercial truck measuring as long as 25 feet in length. Meanwhile, the Chevy Spark, a subcompact hatchback, has been criticized for having an underpowered engine and few standard features.

Volkswagen and Chevy Features

Volkswagen provides you with the latest features for improving safety, fuel economy, and connectivity. VW Car-Net, for instance, brings the power and convenience of on-the-go apps and other helpful services to keep drivers connected with the outside world. Meanwhile, a rearview camera and available Driver Assistance Package help improve the safety of you and your passengers.

As mentioned before, Chevy has been criticized for not including many features as standard equipment. Finding the technology and features that you want could mean dishing out more money for optional add-ons and packages.

Discover Volkswagen Models

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