San Juan Capistrano is certainly a beautiful city in Orange County that has a lot going for it. There’s plenty of Spanish architecture that holds true to the earliest buildings ever constructed in California. Of course, while the city remains true to its early history, there’s plenty of things to do other than visiting a museum or going on a tour.

This city is home to notable restaurants, shops, and attractions. It even features the I-5 and the Ortega Highway that can help you get to and from other areas in Orange County. However, there’s nothing better than hitting these roads in a stylish vehicle like a Volkswagen. But when a problem arises with your vehicle, whether you’re starting to notice an issue, or you’re left stranded on the side of the road, finding Volkswagen service near San Juan Capistrano is imperative. Luckily, Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore Irvine is a short distance away.

Getting Your VW Serviced near San Juan Capistrano

Having a nearby Volkswagen service center can be very helpful. Whenever you’re in need for a professional to look under the hood, the right service is close enough that you won’t be going too far out of your way to have your automotive issues repaired. However, when it comes to getting your Volkswagen serviced, you should really consider having a VW certified technician perform all the necessary maintenance. The VW engine is a unique and finely tuned machine that requires an expert who is certified in the art of our Volkswagen mechanics. Luckily, we have an entire team on staff to help make sure that your vehicle gets the right care and attention.

Volkswagen Xpress Lane

We know that you don’t want to stray too far or spend a lot of time waiting on your Volkswagen service near San Juan Capistrano, especially when you just need some routine service. That’s why we have Xpress Lane! This is for drivers who are on the go and just need to get services like an oil change, a tire rotation, filter replacements, battery testing, or a quick inspection. Our specialized technicians can perform all these tasks within 30 minutes, so you can get all the necessary services completed and be on your way without having to wait awhile, or having to ask a friend to pick you up.

Customer Lounge & Amenities

When it’s time to come in for service, you can relax and get comfortable in our customer lounge. We’ve got cozy leather chairs, free Wi-Fi, work areas, and even a play area for kids. You can sit back and enjoy some complimentary coffee and refreshments while you wait for your vehicle to finish up in our bay. When you get your VW serviced with us, we’ll even provide a free car wash. If it looks like your vehicle needs some additional service, and it’ll have to stay in our shop, we’ll gladly provide you with a complimentary loaner. This way, you can get back to San Juan Capistrano and have a set of wheels to help you run any important errands until your Volkswagen is back to working order.

At Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore Irvine, we’re proud to offer Volkswagen service for San Juan Capistrano drivers. Schedule service today!


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