2018 Volkswagen Passat vs Ford Fusion

When it comes to tackling the Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita traffic, there’s nothing like the agile sedan. If you’re considering adopting one for your daily drives around Newport Beach, the 2018 Volkswagen Passat and Ford Fusion make for great options.

To figure out which better suits the needs of area drivers, Norm Reeves Volkswagen created this comparison of the two sedans. Please contact us with any questions or to make an appointment.

Volkswagen Passat vs Ford Fusion: Handling

While both the Passat and Fusion have a standard 6-speed automatic transmission, they still have something to offer if you want the control of manually shifting gears. Drivers can enter a controlled manual mode and shift up and down as they see fit.

The difference, is that the VW Passat makes Tiptronic® available on any trim, including the base. The Passat also includes a Sport mode that you can shift into for a sportier feel. Fusion drivers would have to upgrade to a higher trim level to obtain this kind of control over their driving.

Safety Technology in the Passat vs Fusion

When you’re tackling rush hour, both sedans offer safety technology that helps you keep an eye on the road ahead.

The Passat and Fusion each make a forward collision mitigation system available that sends an audible alert when it senses a potential collision with a stopped vehicle or pedestrian up ahead. If the driver doesn’t react quickly enough, the autonomous emergency braking kicks in to stop the car and prevent or lessen the impact.

Once again, the Passat makes this Front-Assist feature a standard in the base trim, whereas drivers of the Focus would have to upgrade to a higher trim level or go without the added protection. The Passat also includes an available Automatic Post-Collision Braking System that, should an impact occur, automatically stops your vehicle in its tracks to prevent roll through collisions. The Fusion doesn’t offer a comparable feature, so drivers run the risk of additional impacts after a collision.

Volkswagen Passat vs Ford Fusion Interior Comforts

When sitting in the cockpit of either sedan, you’ll find that both deliver a comfortable ride. They each provide almost 40 inches of head room and 45 inches of leg room in the front seat. You’re free to pack heavy, as well, with nearly 16 cubic feet of cargo space in either model.

Passat drivers, however, will probably have an easier time loading up that cargo space, with the available hands-free Easy Open Trunk. This is not something Fusion drivers have available, so they may struggle a bit when packing for a trip.

When they climb inside the cabin drivers and passengers may be more comfortable in the Passat, which makes the Climatronic® dual-zone automatic climate control feature available in all trims. This allows the driver and passenger to set an ideal temperature for their side of the cabin.

Drivers of the fusion would have to upgrade to a higher trim level for access to this kind of comfort.

Take a Test Drive

After comparing the 2018 Volkswagen Passat vs. Ford Fusion, the Passat came out ahead by offering many great features as a standard.

If you’re in the Mission Viejo or Rancho Santa Margarita area and want to try the 2018 Passat for yourself, contact Norm Reeves Honda. We’ll get you behind the wheel and out for a drive around Newport Beach.

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