When it comes to automobiles, safety is the most important thing. It’s obvious—we know we don’t need to tell you that. However, we want to—we’re just so excited about the different safety-promoting features in the new VW Jetta!

Our experts at Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore Irvine wrote this Volkswagen Jetta safety review for our friends in the Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Newport Beach areas. Enjoy!

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Safety: Design & Construction

The VW Jetta is designed with an innovative safety cage complete with front and rear crumple zones to maximize crash-energy absorption. Meanwhile, the cage itself works to direct that energy away from you and your passengers. Plus, it’s constructed with specially alloyed high-strength steel in some of the exterior body panels, meaning it’s as lightweight as it is sturdy.

Volkswagen Jetta Safety: Features & Systems

Here’s an overview of a few available features and systems that make the VW Jetta such a safe sedan:

Blind Spot Monitor: This lets you know if there’s another automobile occupying one of your blind spots.

Rear Traffic Alert: This’ll tell you if there’s a car approaching on either side while you’re in reverse.

Adaptive Cruise Control: By adjusting your speed as necessary, this feature maintains a preset following distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Forward Collision Warning: This feature also includes Front Assist and Autonomous Emergency Braking.

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System: By stopping the car after a crash, this system mitigates further damage.

Intelligent Crash Response System: This system turns off the fuel, unlocks the doors, activates the hazards, etc.

Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution: EBD is crucial for any hard-braking situations you might face.

Electronic Stability Control: This system keeps you upright and on track by applying corrective steering torque.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Properly filled tires significantly improve both safety and efficiency; this system will alert you if your tires are lacking air.

Volkswagen Jetta Safety: VW Car-Net® Security & Service

How can the ahead-of-its-time VW Car-Net® Security & Service help you? First off, it can help you with parking. Not only can it tell you where you last parked in the event that it slipped your mind, but it can also help you find a parking spot. Additionally, when you’re searching for parking in a specified area, you can command the Car-Net® app to send the location of the open spot to your vehicle’s navigation system and let it lead the way.

VW Car-Net® Security & Service can also let you know whether or not you locked the doors, even letting you lock the car remotely. This advanced system can alert you in the event you leave the trunk or one of the doors open. On top of the above safety characteristics, it can also call for help if there’s an emergency!

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