Volkswagen Jetta Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of thought and research that goes into choosing the Volkswagen Jetta as your next mode of transportation to get around the Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Newport Beach areas. After all, a new car is a pretty big investment, so getting exactly what you want is crucial. Our team of experts at Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore Irvine has helped drivers along the way, so to get started, here are a few frequently asked questions about the Volkswagen Jetta.

What Type of Oil Does the Volkswagen Jetta Require?

Volkswagen engines, specifically turbo engines like the one featured in the Jetta, are specifically designed to take synthetic oil. Your Volkswagen Jetta requires 5W-40 motor oil to ensure a strong and efficient performance. Using different grade oil isn’t recommended because it can have an effect on your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.

When Should I Change the Oil in My Volkswagen Jetta?

Because of the specific engine design, and the synthetic oil that you’re using, your oil doesn’t have to be changed for at least 7,500 miles. However, newer VW Jetta models have been finely tuned so that you can actually make it to 10,000 miles with the same oil before you’d need to change it. Just remember to use the specific recommended oil for your VW Jetta; that way, you get the best results.

Which Volkswagen Jetta Has Leather Seats?

The Volkswagen Jetta doesn’t feature leather seating with any of its trim levels. However, the SE trim and higher come with V-Tex leatherette-seating surfaces, which have a leather appearance, and are much easier to keep clean. The Volkswagen Jetta Sport trim includes the V-Tex sport leatherette seating with red stitching, as well as Ceramique and Titan Black two-tone leatherette seating surfaces, while the SE and higher trims all feature leather-wrapped steering wheels, shift knobs, and brake handles.

Which Volkswagen Jetta Has a Sunroof?

The VW Jetta SE trim comes with a sunroof. It’s the third highest Jetta trim level offered, but all trim levels after the SE also come with a sunroof.

How to Change the Time in the Volkswagen Jetta?

Making adjustments to the clock in your Volkswagen Jetta is really simple and very quick. Behind your steering wheel and next to the tachometer, you’ll see a button. Press that, and you’ll see the hour flashing. When the hour is flashing, use the button closest to the speedometer to change the time. Once you have the exact time set, simply hit the button closest to the tachometer to stop the flashing number.

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