Brake Replacement Signs

Waiting until the last minute to consider auto repairs is tempting, but when it comes to replacing your brakes, procrastination can be dangerous. The reasons for brake wear and tear vary, depending on your driving style, climate, the road conditions, and what kind of traffic you drive in.

Signs you Need your Brakes ReplacedGenerally, there’s no set maintenance schedule for brake replacement, though watching out for indicators can ensure that your car stays safe. Here are a few signs that will indicate that it might be a good idea to replace your brakes. 

Watch for Warning Lights

If you haven't already, familiarize yourself with your car's warning light system. A quick check of the owner’s manual will help you stay on top of the meaning of each light. Even if you don't see a warning light, your brakes could still be in trouble. But watching for unusual lights will, in many cases, warn you of repair needs. 

Listen for the Telltale Signs

In many cars, ailing brakes will make a high-pitched squealing sound. This sound is usually loud enough to be heard over your radio and fans. Car manufacturers add this feature purposely as an indicator of brake distress. In some cars, this may be more subtle, and you’ll hear a slight grinding or scraping sound.

Whatever the case, unusual sounds coming from your brakes should be investigated by an expert. It’s not unusual for a brake indicator to rust or fall off, so while important, noise isn’t the only sign that you should look out for. 

If It Doesn't Feel Right, Check It Out

When your brakes need to be replaced, it may feel like braking takes longer than it should. You may also feel as though your car is shifting to the left or right when you brake. Brake problems can also cause an unusual vibrating or pulsing sensation while driving.

Braking shouldn't be difficult, so if it takes increased effort to bring your vehicle to a stop, it's usually an indicator that something isn’t right. Use your gut, and if it doesn't feel right, consult a professional. For brake services in Irvine, contact us today at Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore. You can conveniently schedule an appointment online!

Brakes are by far one of the most important safety features of your car. Being aware of brake failure warning signs is crucial for the well-being of drivers. Having your brakes examined during oil changes and regular maintenance activities can save you time and hassle. By watching for signs that you need your brake repairs, you can avoid costly towing, collisions and future repairs.  



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