Key Replacement


Replacing your key is easy with Norm Reeves!


For just $1, get key replacement for 1 year on every new and certified pre-owned Norm Reeves vehicle.1

How much does that save you?

According to Edmunds, replacing your key can cost anywhere from $50-$500, which can include expensive reprogramming charges for your key fob or smart key.2

Not anymore. Have 4 quarters on hand or a dollar to spare?

That’s all you need to get an extra set for valet parking, a reliable spare, or a replacement for your misplaced set.

Why waste your time and dollars anywhere else? Choose Norm Reeves Volkswagen for $1 replacement keys.

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[1] Available with the purchase of any new MY20 & MY21 vehicles and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Customer is eligible for reimbursement of up to $500 for one (1) replacement key and/or remote during twelve (12) month period. See dealer for details.

[2] Replacement costs vary according to make, model, and key type.
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