Food Trucks Around Newport Beach, CA

The best thing about the food trucks around Newport Beach is diversity. You’ll find everything from Hawaiian hot dogs to falafel, gourmet tacos, and more. In this article, we’ll give you a free sample of some of the most popular food trucks in the area. See for yourself!

Dos Chinos

Phone: 714-564-0527

Winner of OC Weekly’s Best of 2015 Readers’ Poll, Dos Chinos serves up a tasty collection of “Latin Asian Grub” sure to make your mouth water. Covered in Mexican sugar skulls and other Dia de los Muertos imagery, the Dos Chinos food truck is hard to miss, which is a good thing because you’ve got to try their Hollywood Chicken Burrito, featuring coconut panang curry chicken, fried yams, tamarind, and cabbage on a fresh flour tortilla.

Find out where the Dos Chinos truck will pull up next by checking their schedule or following them on Facebook and Twitter.


Phone: 949-345-5018

There aren’t many food trucks that can boast an entirely vegetarian-friendly (and mostly vegan) menu, but Falasophy is paving the way. The intriguing blue and orange truck with the phrase “Falafel is a Serious Mental Disease” written on the side hatch tells you just how serious these folks are about their food.

Speaking of food, the Spicy Modern Tacos are a must, featuring falafel, avocado, pickled red cabbage, cilantro garlic-crema, and house-pickled jalapenos tucked inside a flour tortilla.

Follow their schedule online to see where they’ll be parked or like Falasophy on Facebook and Twitter


Phone: 949-220-7094

Delicious things happen when you combine the culinary flexibility of a hot dog with the exotic flavors of Hawaiian cuisine, as you’ll quickly discover after enjoying a meal from HulaDog. But Hawaiian-style hot dogs aren’t all you’ll find, as they also serve authentic Hawaiian-style shave ice and Hawaiian style chips. There are even veggie dogs available.

Try one for yourself by tracking down the HulaDog food truck via Twitter and Facebook.

Soho Taco

Phone: 714-793-9392

The classic Mexican taco gets a refreshing gourmet makeover thanks to Soho Taco. The chefs in this taco truck have a passion for creating simply irresistible tacos, including the Camarones (shrimp tacos), not to mention their signature Pico de Gallo, which comes free of charge. Try a few soft shell sensations for yourself by checking out the Soho Taco schedule.

You can also find Soho Taco on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of local food trucks around Newport Beach as much as we enjoyed putting it together!