If you love biking, there’s no better place than Southern California. With great weather for most of the year, it’s a biker's paradise.

Santa Ana Bike Trail

There are many amazing trails near Irvine, CA, for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for leisurely ride or an intense cardio workout, there’s a bike trail for you near Irvine.

Here are a few trails to check out:

Santa Ana River Trail
This 28-mile vehicle-free trail goes through urban and natural landscapes without interruptions. No need to stop for signals and cross streets. It meanders along the beautiful Santa Ana River and showcases rare bird species and unique wildlife. The trail is relatively flat, has many access points, and is great for beginners. Plans are in place to extend the trail even further inland in the near future.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
Are you up for a challenging mountain bike ride? If so, then this park is for you. These are steep unpaved trails for serious riders to enjoy. At one feature, called Top of the World, you can get beautiful views of the ocean from an elevation of 1,036 ft. The park is preserved in its natural form with no landscaping or non-native plant species. Some trails are suitable for beginners, but be prepared for a challenging ride.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve
Trails in this park offer a view of the Upper Newport Estuary with its fresh water marshes and ponds. Close to the ocean, this nature preserve attracts many different birds and other animals. The trail is relatively flat and scenic, and it stretches around the preserve for 10.5 miles. You can stop by the interpretive center to learn more about this important environment. If you’re hungry, check out the
Newport Dune Resort.

Live Oak Trail at O'Neill Regional Park
With the beautiful vista of Trabuco Canyon, this trail offers twists and turns through O'Neill Park. The highest elevation is 1,492 ft and offers an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. This trail is appropriate for beginners but also has challenging parts that will appeal to more experience bikers.

bike trails irvine, caWhiting Ranch Wilderness Park
If you’re looking for a more natural setting for your ride, Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park is a great option. The trail passes through a magnificent canyon and picturesque rock formations. The plant life is still recovering from a fire in 2007, but that doesn’t diminish the rugged beauty of this trail. You can take in stunning wildflowers and amazing animals. There are 15 different trails suitable for biking, but most visitors prefer the Borrego.

If you need to rent a bike or purchase any equipment for your ride, there are many bike shops in Irvine that can help. Be sure to have your all equipment in top shape before heading out for a long ride.

Enjoy your riding in and around Irvine, CA!

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